when the romance of missions crashes into reality…

about the Samsons

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Edwin and Amy Samson are Bondservants of the Most High Jesus Christ.  We were married on December 16, 2007.  Our son, Josiah Laurenciana Samson was born on September 10,2009 and he completes our team.  We are messengers carrying the Gospel of hope to those who have yet to find freedom in Christ.  We once served the community of Oceanside in California, went on to serve in Natchez, Mississippi and then worked with the urban poor in a brand new church plant in Metro Manila, Philippines.  However, we have now been allocated to the island of Catanduanes with hopes of pioneering a Church Multiplication Movement.

We belong to a missions organization called World Team and our goal in the Philippines is to impact the world with the love of Christ by planting reproducing churches.

We both have  Masters degrees from Fuller Theological Seminary (Edwin) and Azusa Pacific University (Amy).  We are trained in church planting, discipleship, outreach, and evangelism.  Between the two of us, we’ve covered the world:  6 continents and a couple dozen countries.  We love interacting with cultures not of our own.  Oh and we also love people….and dogs.

VIEW AMY’S BLOG: www.holykissed.wordpress.com

VIEW EDWIN’S BLOG:  http://abondservant.wordpress.com/


One response

  1. Carolyn

    Hi guys….love seeing you and hearing about all the new things that you are experiencing. Take care, your fellow bondservant, C

    April 30, 2010 at 11:06 pm

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